last evening’s session was to create Bokeh. 

Little Planets

A Lightroom and Photoshop session, showing how to create Little Planets. First we showed the process using Bridge and Photoshop, then followed it up with how to build them with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Kew Gardens – 2019

A few of us visited Kew Gardens to see the Chihuly: Reflections on nature exhibit.

Here are my images from that visit:

Mayfield Lavender Field

A club visit to the Mayfield Lavender Field in Banstead.

Still Life

The most recent camera club meeting we arranged a couple of different sessions. One was a Camera 101, targeted at the beginners in the club, so that they could better use their cameras, and the other session was a Still Life capture. Below are a couple of images from the Still Life.

Water Drops

We had a session on creating waterdrops. We built two stations where members of the club to use their camera and take images of water drops.

Here are a selection of images: